Critical Communication, Excellent Reception

The Challenge

When it comes to first responders, communication is critical, especially during
a national pandemic. So, when a national wireless carrier needed a Critical Capacity installation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Advantage Engineers was there. Usually, with antenna modification, the area would be accessed by entering the building and traveling to the roof from inside. However, due to the pandemic, the Advantage team could not enter the building and had to access the area externally, which is a challenge overall. Due to the importance of the project, the work needed to be completed in four business days.

Our Solution

Our first action item was figuring out how we planned to get to the site area without entering the building. We quickly got our hands on an aerial work platform (AWP) that allowed us to access the space efficiently and safely. Our core team of engineers and construction specialists responded quickly, performed a structural analysis, developed a viable design, and created construction drawings to obtain the information necessary to zone and permit the site. The team pulled off a quick turnaround to ensure an expedited construction effort on a tight deadline. The team also managed the construction and coordinated with the medical center, the landlord, and the general contractor to ensure construction was completed quickly and our client’s satisfaction.

OCC-KIMBALL MED antenna modification (2)

The Result

Advantage Engineers met the deadline and completed the work within the four-day timeline. With our turn-key professional wireless services and a collaborative approach, we were able to get the right tools, workers, and information to bring this project to a successful conclusion.


Lakewood, New Jersey


  • Construction Drawings
  • Structure Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Construction Close Out
  • Interfacing with Landlord
  • Kimball medica center install