Connecting Baltimore County

The Challenge

Baltimore County needed a robust network to handle critical services for the Baltimore County Police Department, the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, and the Maryland State Police. Intending to connect every County public school, the entire police department and every public library, and various anchor institutions, Baltimore County turned to Advantage Engineers to deliver fiber backhaul.

Our Solution

Working with the County’s Fiber Program Manager, Advantage Engineers was a one-stop-shop accommodating changing priorities and challenging landscapes. Dedicated resources from the Advantage Engineers’ team handled OSP, ISP surveying and engineering for the five-year contract. The team provided OSP/ISP surveys to determine optimal routing, managed utility coordination (existing networks often crossed gas pipelines, railways, and bridges), and completed fiber path design in public Right of Way (ROW). Project management, construction support and consulting, As-built drawings, and reporting and documentation rounded out our turn-key services.

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The Result

Maryland continues to deliver the fastest average internet speeds in the country (1). Through high-level project coordination, maintaining open and honest communications, and timely completion of deliverables, Advantage Engineers, contributed to connecting over 100 institutions and installing more than 100 miles of fiber, supporting exceptional connectivity in the Baltimore Metro region.


Baltimore County, MD


  • Project Management
  • Fiber Path Design
  • OSP/ISP Surveying
  • ROW and Deed Research
  • Permitting
  • Environmental Impact Research
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Utility Easements & Coordination
  • Construction Support & Consulting
  • Reporting & Documentation
  • Baltimore County Seal