Emerging From The Ashes

The Challenge

On a Friday afternoon in late January 2020, a client’s cell site was damaged due to a fire in a storage facility in Beesley’s Point, NJ. The flames damaged the client’s equipment and hybrid cables in a 2nd-floor unit, taking the site down completely. They needed a team that would produce a plan to get the site back on air by Monday afternoon.

Our Solution

With the three-day timeline looming, the team quickly assessed the situation and began work. They enlisted a new tower crew, secured the proper replacement materials (including 180’ hybrid cables), and arranged for delivery of a COW (Cell On Wheels) for Saturday morning. A professional electrician was secured for the weekend work, and Advantage Engineers staff was on hand all weekend to accept delivery of assets and manage the process.

During the process, the power was re-routed from the building to the COW. Backhaul fiber was also repaired and re-routed.

Emergency Cell On Wheels COW Deployment

The Result

By 4:30 p.m. on Monday, the site was officially back in service – meeting the three-day deadline. Advantage Engineers has a great relationship with this client, so they called Advantage when they needed a dedicated resource they could count on. The success of getting this temporary site up and running in 3 days is a testament to our team, our client’s trust in us, and the relationships we have built with the vendors involved.


Beesley's Point, NJ


  • Electrical load analysis
  • Project Management
  • Backhaul Upgrades
  • Deployment of COW
  • Emergency Cell On Wheels COW Deployment