Women of Telecommunications   

Women’s History Month celebrates women’s contributions to history, culture, and society and has been observed annually in March in the United States since 1987.

While several studies note a shortfall in gender diversity in the technology industry, Network Connex and its operating companies have been committed to attracting more women to avoid a shortfall in the future talent pipeline and help bridge the gender divide.

In honor of Women’s History month, we are profiling women who work for Network Connex and its operating companies. They discuss their backgrounds and share some inspiration with others interested in, or are in, telecommunications.

Meet Jasmina Rivas

Jasmina Rivas is a Project Manager for the Advantage Engineers’ fiber team in Columbia, MD.

Changing Course

Jasmina majored in Government, Politics, and Spanish in college. After graduating, she worked as project manager for a translation company and then at a telecom consultant company.

She said she had no choice but to dive in a learn as much as possible on the job.

“You either learn the industry and swim or you sink.”

Getting the Right Education 

Jasmina earned her Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification right before coming to Advantage Engineers. She said she studied hard, did well on the test with the goal to be able to use her education to do the best possible job. But she says things are always changing and she says that’s what drives her.

“I like that it is so new to me that I am still learning. I moved from the engineering team then to the fiber department. I am competitive and like a challenge. It’s my mission to do the best I can to build a great reputation for the company.”

Staying Positive and Persevering

Her advice to others interested in a career in telecom or any industry is to have a positive mindset.

“If you go in with a positive mindset and are willing to learn, you can make it in any industry you want to be in. You’ll go far.”

Jasmina’s mom, an immigrant from El Salvador, is who she says inspires her the most.

“She had to work hard in order to persevere coming from a foreign country.”

In her spare time, Jasmina says she likes hiking with her two chow chows, playing soccer for her intramural team and she loves to travel.

“Croatia over Labor Day was cool and I’m looking forward to going to Italy and Jordan in May this year.”

About Network Connex

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