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MAREJ Features Advantage Engineers

Bring your geotechnical consultant to the party!

Dan Schauble, Advantage's Geotechnical Division Director, is featured in the July 29th issue of the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journals' Architects & Engineers spotlight.

Mr. Schauble shared how a stong geotechnical consultant can do more than check a box for the client. 

Far too often, there is a significant commu­nication gap between when a cli­ent involves geotechnical consultants in a project to request a report and the start of the project’s construction phase. A strong geotechnical consultant can do more than check a box for the client (i.e. deliver a geotechnical report); they can save their client from experiencing a lot of pain, suffering, and most impor­tantly, money, by identifying potential issues and providing cost saving measures before construction commences.

Some clients find them­selves wasting valuable time and money while dealing with poor soil conditions (or poor design) during a project’s construction phase, which an experienced geotechnical consultant could have ad­dressed if they had simply brought them along to the party. Fortunately, for some clients, they have learned the value of keeping geotechnical consultants on the team dur­ing final plan revisions and project pricing to allow for development and testing of site-specific, value-engineered concepts. Geotechnical con­sultants can many times iden­tify and address design issues and subsurface “surprises” prior to a shovel hitting the ground.

To read the full MAREJ article, click here. Our feature is on page 32.