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RCR Wireless News Publishes Advantage DAS Case Study

Advantage Engineers’ Jay O’Neill, senior project manager, discusses the recent DAS upgrade project located in Montgomery County, Maryland with RCR Wireless News.

“We look at the characteristics of the physical structure and what our client would like to apply to that structure, making sure that there is continuity between the devices and the attachment to the structure,” said Advantage Engineers’ Jay O’Neill, project manager for the Potomac South DAS upgrade.

In this case the attachments included a new antenna at each site as well as a new radio cabinet. O’Neill said the radio units use an open architecture that allows carriers to share network cards and aggregate bandwidth, if they choose to do so. U.S. carriers are historically averse to shared radio infrastructure, but neutral host providers like Crown Castle are encouraging network sharing in certain situations. Outdoor DAS like the Potomac South system are examples of infrastructure that can be shared.

Case Study: Potomac South DAS Upgrade.

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